Custom Holographic Wave Decal


Design your own Holographic Hand/Wave Decal set!


This permanent holographic vinyl reflects colors around it and shows many different blues, greens, teals, purples and more! It really is beautiful and has a mirror like appearance. This vinyl is strong and durable.

You get a PAIR of wave decals (one for each mirror). Each hand is a little over 4 inches high by a little over 4.6 inches wide. They are easy to apply and come with application instructions. They can be placed on any flat surface including but not limited to windows, fenders, glass, mirrors, etc.

You can choose a style (listed in photos above) or design your own. Please use the customization box telling me what you’d like on your decals, a logo or specific shape, etc.

Want your name? Sure thing!
Want your state? Sure thing!
Want something to match your specific theme? Sure thing!



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