Glitter Pocket Hugs, Pocket Hearts


Thoughtful pocket hugs for your loved ones


These pocket hugs are thoughtful gifts for anybody for any reason!
A just because for your best friend, your mom, your daughter/son, husband/wife… for the new driver in your family, for your loved one battling an illness or hard times in their lives, a perfect, little “Just thinking of you” gift, or how about for a new college student, first day of school, or just a “missing you” gift. The power of these little hearts, which people carried as talismans of love, courage, hope and comfort is truly amazing.

They are packaged on a 3 1/2 X 4 1/2 Pocket Hug card in a small plastic bag. The hearts are 2 inches wide by 1 7/8 inches high.

You can choose the glitter you’d like! There are lots of glitters to choose from. See photos for glitter options.
Please note these are HAND MADE and no two hearts will be exactly the same. You can also choose the “Surprise Me!” option and you’ll receive a heart chosen by me, for you!

Please see our other pocket hug listing(s) for all the options Big A Designs offers!


Additional information


A – Raspberry, A1 – Tropical, A2 – Moonlit Sky, A3 – Neon Pink, AA – Chunky Baby Pink, B – Hot Pink, BB – Chunky Aqua, C – Rose, CC – Neon Orange, D – Purple, DD – Disco, E – Blue Raspberry, EE – Mermaid Party, F – Silver Blue, FF – Chunky Marine, G – Blue, GG – Alure, H – Lime, HH – Pink Curls, J – Yellow, JJ – Blue Curls, K – Green, KK – Green Curls, L – Gold, M – Orange, N – Red, O – Diamond Dust, P – Silver, Q – Metallic, R – Black, S – Aqua, T – Baby Pink, VV – Sparkling Love, XX – Unicorn Glitter, YY – Night Sky, ZZ – Chunky Diamonds